Placerville Dentist Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Pacific Street Dental / Placerville, CA – A Placerville dentist is celebrating their 1st anniversary by inviting new patients to experience the large number of services they offer.

Founded by Dr. Eric Ngo, Pacific Street Dental hit the ground running when it launched as a dental office a year ago. The Placerville dentist met a pressing need for dentists in the area, and the success of the company has demonstrated how many people required quality, friendly dental services.

Qualifying as a dentist in 2014, Dr. Eric Ngo and his team can offer many dental services to new and current patients, with more options being added regularly as the dental office expands:

  • Family dentistry: this includes general dentistry options, including dental cleanings, diagnostic X-rays, tooth extractions, gum disease treatment, and more.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: the Placerville dentist can help patients receive a complete makeover of their smile. This includes tooth whitening and veneers, and Pacific Street Dental makes use of CEREC tech to increase the speed at which dental crowns can be provided.
  • Restorative dentistry: includes dental implants, dental crowns, and full & partial dentures. The goal of the Placerville dentist is to help people get the smile they once had back, and they have achieved much success with this over the years they’ve been in operation.
  • Sedation dentistry: Pacific Street Dental is fully qualified to offer sedation dentistry, which should help ensure that those with dental anxiety find it easier to get through their dental treatments.

Founded as a family-friendly dentist, Pacific Street Dental places a huge focus on the care they provide to their patients. New patients can enjoy a comfortable dental office, that makes use of the latest dental tech and offers convenient treatment times.

Dr. Eric Ngo and his team have a wealth of experience dealing with patients who may suffer from dental anxiety, offering a variety of options that should help to calm them down while in the dentist’s chair.

New patients should reach out to Pacific Street Dental at 530-296-6202 to discuss the next steps.

About Pacific Street Dental

Pacific Street Dental is the newest Placerville dentist, founded by Dr. Eric Ngo a year ago, the dentist’s office has gone from strength to strength. It has recently opened its patient books to new patients seeking a new dentist in the area.

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