Pacific Street Dental proudly offers restorative dental services, cosmetic and general dentistry services, now featuring permanent dental implants.

Patients searching for a new dentist for Placerville Dental Implants finally have a reliable, local, full-service dentist. At Pacific Street Dental, patients can have a consultation and begin services on the same day in many cases, which is especially important in the case of missing or damaged teeth.

Dr. Eric Ngo and the team at Pacific Street Dental specialize in dental implants and other services that restore patients’ smiles and give them back the confidence they once had.

Dental implants are comprised of several parts. First, a titanium post is placed in the jaw bone. The bone grows around the post, creating a secure new “root.” The dentist then fits the patient for a crown that will fit over this post and perfectly match the existing teeth.

To complete this process expertly takes patience and skill — 2 things Pacific Street Dental has in surplus.

Pacific Street Dental would love to share the advantages of dental implants with every patient who may benefit from them. Here are a few:

  • Implants require the same care that natural teeth do.
  • A person’s natural bite — and, therefore, chewing — can be affected by missing teeth. Implants fill in gaps left by missing teeth, and they also prevent other teeth from shifting.
  • Missing teeth can also cause speech issues. The tongue will touch implants the same way it would a natural tooth, correcting these speech issues.
  • An implant includes an artificial tooth root, which strengthens the jaw bone and supports facial muscles.
  • …and, obviously, dental implants fill in the smile and make the patient more confident and carefree.

There are multiple phases of dental implant procedures. The cost of these services reflects the time, training and expertise of the Pacific Street Dental team.

A single implant averages $3,000 to $4,500, but every case is different. A consultation is necessary in order to determine the exact cost of one or more dental implants.

Pacific Street Dental focuses on caring for patients, doing anything possible to ensure the patient’s comfort and trust. The office believes in the power of education about oral care before, during, and after an issue arises.

Additionally, Dr. Ngo thoroughly discusses dental conditions and treatment options with every patient.