New Dental Crown Services Provided in Placerville CA

A Placerville, California company today announced a high-quality dental crown service. Dr. Ngo at Pacific Street Dental will offer this restorative treatment to patients needing dental crowns in Placerville, CA. It will be immediately available. 

Dental crowns are caps made of gold, porcelain, zirconia, or hybrid materials to protect and restore the original tooth’s shape. Pacific Street Dental offers natural-looking custom-made dental crowns to save the tooth and root and return the proper functions to the mouth and jaw.

Dr. Ngo’s installation procedure begins with a comprehensive look at the patient’s oral health by using x-ray imaging before fitting a crown mold to the affected tooth. The mold of the crown will be sent off to a lab for them to construct. During this time, Dr. Ngo will adhere a temporary crown to the damaged tooth. 

It takes up to an average of three weeks before they finish the crown. At that time, patients can return to have it adhered to their damaged tooth with a usually painless procedure. Patients can request local anesthesia or over-the-counter pain relief if in pain. 

Getting a tooth crown is less invasive than a dental bridge and less expensive than a dental implant. Aside from being less invasive and costly, this service will also benefit patients by:

  • Relieving painful tooth decay
  • Protecting weak teeth
  • Repairing damaged teeth
  • Recreating missing teeth
  • Improving the appearance of a patient’s smile
  • Restoring the function of a patient’s mouth and jaw 
  • Preventing the future need for tooth removal
  • Preventing gum deterioration

The dental crown service is available immediately. New patients can receive an initial consultation, exam, and x-rays for dental crowns at a low price of $50 as well as 15% off CEREC Same-Day Crowns. 

Pacific Street Dental focuses on providing great dental care for everyone in Placerville community and beyond. The team strives to find the best appointment time slots for even the busiest patients and their families. Dr. Eric Ngo, a 2014 graduate of Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco, runs the practice.  

Dr. Ngo and his team at Pacific Street Dental are always ready to assist anyone needing routine cleaning, help with a dental emergency, or wants to change their smile. 

To schedule a patient appointment for dental crowns in Placerville, CA, contact Pacific Street Dental